• Model High School Main Block
  • Model High School Main Block II
  • Model High School New KG Block
  • Palakkad Orphanage Masjid
  • Conference Hall & Islamiya college block
  • Proposed Noor Mahal Community Hall
  • KHYKHA Boys Hostel
  • Girls Hostel
  • Media Room
  • Celebrating Mother Teresa Day
  • State Sahrudha Club Inauguration
  • Sports
  • Cultural Activity
  • Palakkad Orphanage Office
  • College Inauguration
  • Majlis state college fest 2015 held @ palakkad islamiya college
  • Band Troop
Model High School Main Block1 Model High School Main Block II2 Model High School New KG Block3 Palakkad Orphanage Masjid4 Conference Hall & Islamiya college block5 Proposed Noor Mahal Community Hall6 KHYKHA Boys Hostel7 Girls Hostel8 Media Room9 Celebrating Mother Teresa Day10 State Sahrudha Club Inauguration11 Sports12 Cultural Activity13 Palakkad Orphanage Office14 College Inauguration15 Majlis state college fest 2015 held @ palakkad islamiya college16 Band Troop17
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ADMISSION STARTED TO MODEL HIGH SCHOOL : From LKG To 9th Standard ,Limited seats for LKG ,Special focus on discipline and Moral Studies


Noor Shopping Complex
At present the Orphanage and the Model High School are functioning in old structures which have many inconveniences and are not sufficient to accommodate the students. So we have planned to construct two buildings one for boys hostel and the other for Model High School, the estimate cost of the said institutions comes to Rs.19,86640/- and Rs. 37,800000/- respectively. Further with an eye on Islamic Da’wa among non-Muslims, construction of a Masjid with monthly rent based lodge in Noor shopping complex at Chandranagar is also in our future projects.

For all these sublime works we seek the help of benevolent Muslim brothers. So while extending our heartfelt thanks for all the help you rendered in the past, we once again come before you with an earnest appeal to contribute generously for the lofty ideals for which Allah may amply reward yous.


Alavi Haji
The prophet once said; “ I and the one who takes responsibility for an orphan, whether of his own kin or of others, will be in paradise thus,
“ and he pointed his forefinger and middle-finger  +more

Sponsor an orphan child with Orphans in Need today.+more
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